single station bi-axial machine

KHODIYAR INDUSTRIES is Manufacturing and Exporting Roto moulding Machine, one of these is your mind-blowing machine is plastic tank making machine-like, Single Station Bi-Axial machine.

We are specialised in the Single Station Bi-Axial machine, as known as Single Station Bi-Axial machineroto moulding machine is used to produce plastic water tank of the roto moulding process. The roto moulding and Rotational moulding process product life span are very long.

Single Station Bi-Axial Machine Features:

  • High Productivity.

  • Fuel Efficiency.

  • Low Electric Power requirement.

  • Suitable for Double Layer, Triple Layer, Four Layer or Foam Layer.

  • High and Fast returns on investment.

  • Low Maintenance Cost.

  • Low capital Investment; best for a start-up projects.

  • Minimum overheads charges due to less space Automatic operation.

  • Low-cost machine to produce the best quality 2/3/4 layer tanks with minimum weights.

  • Microprocessor-based machine control panel with digital display.

  • Excellent quality multilayer tanks possible.

  • Any type of rotomolded product can be produced at low investment.

  • Faster ROI. Due to low investment, low running cost, less space.

  • An unskilled operator can run a machine.

  • Less rejection rate.

  • Low power, low fuel consumption cost.

  • Most suitable machine to produce even Bigger size tanks.