close oven rock n roll machine

KHODIYAR INDUSTRIES is Manufacturing and Exporting Roto moulding Machine, one of these is your mind-blowing machine is plastic tank making machine-like, close oven rock n roll machine.

We are specialised in the close oven rock n roll machine, as known as the rock n roll roto moulding machine. A close oven roto moulding machine is used to produce a plastic water tank for the roto moulding process. The roto moulding and Rotational moulding process product life span are very long.

Close Oven Rock N Roll Machine Features:

  • Easy to operate.

  • User friendly option.

  • Optimized oven design results in low gas consumption.

  • 75mm Gives Oven thickness.

  • Medium production machine with low budget.

  • Lowest maintenance cost.

  • Easy to make multi-layer tanks.

  • Less installation area.

  • Very Less chances of rejection of products Less break down & maintenance.

  • Possible to make multiple articles at a time.

  • Heavy screw fixes on the front side in the centre of the oven.

  • Auto Ignition burner system to avoid an accident and save time.

  • Oven rocking and door opening /closing with hydraulic system.

  • Hydraulic Power Pack.

  • PLC for Automation.

  • Microprocessor-based machine control panel with digital display.


It is possible to customize the machine to suit the customer demand.


Most Economical Roto moulding machines to produce Very large Size hollow products up to 40,000 LTR [10000 USG / 8000 Imperial Gallons].