KHODIYAR INDUSTRIES is Manufacturing and Exporting Roto moulding Machine, ancillary machine one of these is your mind-blowing machine is a plastic powder making machine-like, pulveriser machine.

Khodiyar Industries Pulveriser Machine

The Khodiyar Industries since 2007 been a specialized manufacturer and exporter of Pulveriser machines, KhodiyarIndustries Pulveriser machine is used to make plastic granules into powder form. Roto moulding pulveriser machine suitable for pulverizing granules and Master-batches.

Roto moulding Pulveriser Process

The Roto moulding pulveriser machine process is the granules load to the hopper, the granules move to pulverize mill through Vibro feeder it convert into powder form, the blower will suck the powder from pulverizing mill and forward to cyclone and through Airlock valve it moves to Vibro shifter for separate fine powder.

Pulveriser Machine Features:

  • Khodiyar Industries Roto moulding pulveriser having a heavy frame structure, install in minimum space, Multi bearing long life housing, Effective blower, well-designed cyclone, Multi meshes Vibro-shifter.

  • German Grade Alloy Material used for Grinding Discs.

  • Economical and Cost effective.

  • Cooling provision for Mill body and Bearing Housing.

  • Hopper Magnet provided inside to detect and catch-up Metallic part from granules/polymers.

  • German Grade Alloy Material used for Grinding Discs.

  • Easy adjustments of Disc Gap.

  • Uniform &Smooth powder/particle size.

  • Safety Interlock System.

  • Monitoring of Main Motor load and control system.

  • Optional Dust Collector.

  • Optional Hopper loader to load the polymers in hopper automatically.

  • Optional Chiller provided for water cooling system.